Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Makin' Messes

My upstairs art space is too messy (for me anyway), because I tore it apart grabbing last minute Artfest supplies. Instead of cleaning it up, I abandoned it in favor of... My downstairs space. Working on messing that up too. Oh, and making messes pseudo-Jesse Reno style. Oh wait, I used a brush, so maybe not. :) Ok, I already know where I'm going with this painting, and it won't be anything Jesse-like when I'm done. Different plans for this which I'll hopefully actually get to do.
So here's the crazy thing... knowing that I want to put together a workshop for Artfest has my brain buzzing (I found out that the workshop app might be due as early as early next month?!), but instead of directing all of that energy towards the workshop, I find myself distracted to other things. The workshop stuff is in progress too, but my mind is just absolutely overflowing with stuff. Oh, and then there's that work and toddler deal too... I have to find a balance.
Anyone find a way to put more hours in the day yet?
Rambling, I know... but my brain is headed off in eighty-two directions all at once.


  1. I know what you mean Shelly about time. I wish that we didn't have to sleep! I'm sure you do have your hands full with your daughter. I am going into ball season with my 2 kids...5 nights a week for almost 3 months! And you can guess what that cuts into...my art time! Loved reading about your artfest adventure. Wishing you luck on your teaching endeavor! Tracey

  2. OK...coooool. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that you have TWO area's to mess up! :D Wicked cool. Like your backgrounds...I need to sit down and do that too.