Saturday, April 3, 2010

Artfest 2010 Links

There are just so many links, that I thought I'd put them all in one place...

Teesha Moore

Tracy Moore

Artfest Blog

Tyler Larsen

Michelle Allen

Karen Michel

Erin Leigh

Lori Hudson

Janne Robberstad

Pamela Holderman

Angel Chiasson

Sunny Carvalho

Lynn Davis


Rachel Bowen

Brenda Beene Shackleford

Barbara Judy

Anita Webster

Inez Gray

Shonna Bucaroff

Beth Hammett

Elizabeth Johnson

Christine Hardaker-Merritt

Colleen Bryan Rodgers



  1. How sweet of you to list my link!! I on the other hand haven't even posted about Artfest yet...oops! I had a great time meeting and trading with you!! I hope to see you next year!

  2. I have a ton more photos to clean up and post when I find a minute or two, it was a fantastic event and so inspiring! I'm still riding the wave - thanks for the mention and all the good memories.