Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh, You Poor Little Blog!

Poor Little Blog gets neglected while facebook and instagram (and work, work, work) get all the attention.  Poor little Blog.

My recent art stuff (which is minimal unfortunately) seems to only make it onto instagram because I've barely picked up my real camera lately.  Here's are a few shots that managed to make it though!

We managed to keep our tradition of chasing hot air balloons.  We have a great festival, and for one weekend there are hot air balloons all over town in the mornings and evenings.
 I got a wee bit annoyed with my husband though because our tradition is to jump out of bed and chase in our pajamas.  Ummm... he is showered and fully dressed.  We are not.  (insert eye roll here)

 Harper started kindergarten this year.  She's loving it so far.  We're all exhausted though!  Glad for a three day weekend.
 The week before school started, Harper was home with me for the week.  Lots of arts and crafts time (for her).
 I did sneak in some art time though!