Monday, October 11, 2010

I need to...

Edited moments later to add: So when I created this, I was thinking about my art, and that I just need to be brave about the whole thing because I know it will all turn out for the best in the end. Actually, I saw the word "travel" upside down and somehow misread it to read "be brave." I thought that was an important message from my subconscious :), so I made this little collage. Then as I was loading it onto the blog, I remembered that tomorrow I have to go to the neurologist for this exam where I guess they poke little needles into you and send electrical pulses into your muscles. And I then decided that this Be Brave message was just something I needed to hear on more than just the art stuff.

Just thought you might be interested in how this quick collage came to be.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Up and Down

Well, it's been an up and down weekend. I've just been alternately encouraged by progress around the house, and then crabby about who knows what. My energy levels have been all over the map this weekend. At any rate, I made some progress with taming the beast that is my current art space today thanks to some IKEA shelving. There's still work to do with organizing (as you can see) and shoving things down into the basement (which depresses me a bit for reasons I won't go into right now)... BUT... I felt like I had done enough clean up to allow myself to do a little bit of late evening creating.

I felt like I needed a reminder that I can still do this. Even if it doesn't feel all that possible right now. I will find a way to make my art dreams happen.