Sunday, April 21, 2013


This old page spread seemed appropriate because I'm down to the wire on a work deadline, so it's going to continue to be a bit quiet over here at the blog.  I'll probably manage a few posts on facebook, so if you haven't liked my page over there, don't be shy. :)  Facebook page --> ShellyMasseyArt

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekend Entertainment

So you've probably seen those hammocks under the table with a sheet on Pinterest. We decided to attempt it today. It took three tries to get something she could climb into without it hitting the floor. And I think you'd need at least two flat sheets tied together to do this across the length of a table. (We had to settle for across the width.) Oh well, it's keeping her entertained at least. She was only in it for about three minutes and has spent the rest of the time decorating the table with tape and miscellaneous flotsam.

Friday, April 5, 2013

ALWAYS Follow The Rules

Or don't.  That's what this page was supposed to represent.  This was one of the first pages I did in my big journal back in 2010.  My college professors were sticklers for rules.  One of them literally.  A one point red rule (a thin red line).  I drew more of those one year than I care to think about trying to make one of my professors happy. And looking back, that wasn't really what was going to make him happy anyway.  I didn't know what my style was or how to begin to express myself visually.  It has taken a long, long time to not worry about what my professors would think of my creations.  But now that I'm there, it's a much happier place for me.