Friday, April 4, 2014

Rescuing Ruth

I got up this morning exhausted from being woken up repeatedly by large crashes of thunder that sounded like they were right on top of our roof.  The worst one was around 3:30 this morning, I think.  Not the best way to wake up.
Anyway, I woke up tired, so to wake up a little, I headed into the art closet.  The journal was still open to this page, so contrary to what I thought yesterday, I decided to try to rescue it.... mainly because of Ruth.  Ruth is the woman in the photo.  She's a relative of my Dad's, and my Mom helped take care of her and her daughter.  When Ruth passed away, my Mom gave me a lot of her old travel ephemera, greeting cards, and some duplicates of photos which now occasionally show up in my artwork. 
At any rate, when I looked at Ruth this morning, she told me to power through and make her proud.  So I'm working on it.  It also helped that when I'm tired and pre-caffeine in the morning, I have the patience for painting a little more, well... patiently.
I still have more rework to do, but it's getting closer to where I want it to be.


  1. Wonderful! Love that bright colour and the way you make your text. Ruth would be proud of you ....

  2. I thought it looked pretty amazing before, but I know you will take it to another awesome place.