Thursday, May 5, 2011


Lots going on around here, but not much to show art-wise yet. I'm preparing class proposals for Artfest 2012 and Art Is...You 2012. I'll have something to share with you soon!

I'm super thankful that I already sent Art & Soul proposals for 2012, because that would probably be just one thing too many to accomplish in the month of May.

It's May already, but I'll still have some Artfest posts to share. Just have to find the time to do it!

My friend Heather whom I had the awesome pleasure of meeting in person while I was out in Washington was my first greeting card order! She posted a picture here --> LINK Check out her Etsy site too... she makes the most adorable jewelry and other wonderfully funky creations!

I'm getting ready to create a new studio in my house (yes, another). Basement studio living just isn't for me. My hubby told me we have to finish our other remodeling projects before I can start on another room, so we've been working to get things done!

Here's the dining room in progress. We're going to set it up as a sitting room for now because I can't seem to decide on a dining room table. My mom is here visiting to watch Harper this week while my mother-in-law is on vacation, so that meant that we had extra motivation to get a guest room done.
And we're working on the backsplash grout in the kitchen. You only get to see this half of the kitchen though because the other side is still disasterous.


  1. your guest room looks awesome! i LOVE that color gray in your dining room. what is it if i may ask? class proposals... yikes!!! haven't even started and don't really have a clue what to do. have fun, i'm sure you're coming up with some fantabulous ideas. xoxo-m

  2. Wow! Your house is just gorgeous! My husband loves company because that is when the house get the cleanest in the shortest amount of time.

    Working on my proposals too. Who knew it could be so nerve wracking!!

  3. omg shel..your house is amazing!