Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This may have better been titled "Rusty". It's been such a long time since I sat down to really make something that I realized quickly that I'm very out of practice. While I like this piece, there are about a million things I'd do differently if I were to remake it (which I may).

I was having trouble getting motivated, so I started by cleaning my desk. I'm not one of those people who can work in a space that is just too messy. I can handle kind of messy, but when I only have about a 12 inch by 12 inch space left to work in, I start to feel claustrophobic. Once the desk was cleaned off, I still didn't have a plan. I looked through a list of proverbs which is always a good starting point. I found a few that looked interesting, but I thought I'd do a Collage Play with Crowabout challenge to get me warmed up. It turned out that I needed all the help I could get because I spent the next two hours struggling with patience and just basic technique. In the end, what you see above was the result.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering why there's only one egg when the text on the collage says eggs, well, I just have the one sweet precious little egg at the moment. I could have added the other eggs that are still sitting on my desk, but just the one makes me happy for now.


  1. Well, you might be rusty, but I LOVE IT! I love that bird. He's just perfect. :)

  2. Glorious! Every bit. Love your steampunk journal, too!

    I think this is my first time here. Your blog graphics and layout are quite creative. Congratulations for doing such a great job on it. xoxo

  3. i love it!! i personally love that there is only one egg in the basket! clever clever clever!!

  4. Oh My if this what you can create when your a little rusty i would love the see the re-make when your on a roll..this is just perfect i love all of it every little bit! gj keep creating you make the world a richer place

  5. i love all of it every little bit! gj keep creating you make the world a richer place

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  6. Finally I am here to see your new art blog. Does that tell you how behind on blogging I've been? Embarrassingly behind. But this is lovely and I can't wait to go put it in my links.

    Whether you feel you struggled or not with this piece, it is perfect in every detail as your work always is. You make it look so easy. You have such a flair of your own, such a lovely finished organized whimsy that I just adore.