Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mega Journal

My Mom came to visit us last week.  We had a really nice visit, and Harper loved spending time with her Grandma.  My Mom is an excellent seamstress, so on the last day of the visit, I dug out the sewing machine from the basement so she could create a journal cover for me.  I have to put a disclaimer here that I made Mom sew a lot more randomly than she usually would!  Let's just say that I made her sew as crazy as I would have sewn it.  All over the place. 

Anyway... the first plan was to make two journal covers, but then I decided we could make my DREAM-MEGA-SUPER-DUPER-RIDICULOUSLY-THICK journal!  Mom sewed the two covers into one, and voila!  The Mega Journal was born.  I painted the pages yesterday so that every other page would have some starter color, and I sewed in the signatures last night.  I'm in love and couldn't wait to start journaling in it today. Thanks again, Mom!
The cover (without pages sewn in yet)

Painting pages

Had to start with an octopus on the first page, of course

The side view with the signatures sewn in... so fat and yummy!

Second page spread already started...

And even a third one!  This one will be "two heads are better than one", I think.

Harper kept busy this week too.

Clowning around...
And Harper and Grandma even made an adorable gnome garden complete with swing and gnome home.


  1. love all the grandma love! terrific projects shel!

  2. I am in love with you journal, send your mum over to my house

  3. Beautiful new journal! I love starting in a new journal. The gnome garden is too cute!

  4. What a rocking cool journal! You´ll be the envy of every one at late-nite-arting from now on ;-) Seriously. It looks awesome, and I can totally see why you´re in love with it! Love that you put some colors on the pages first, so the pages aren´t white. Such a smart way to avoid the fear of the big white!

  5. I love your mega journal!!! The seahorses are adorable!

  6. Holy cow.....MEGA indeed! What does that thing weigh? :) Looks awesome!


  7. i'm totally jealous of that journal! from the sewn cover to all the bright painted pages you've started!
    and the gnome garden is darn cute...gnomes gotta have a swing!