Saturday, May 26, 2012

Free Collage Sheet + Guestbook

I published my first free printable collage sheet over at my website ( 

Just click on the "Click Here for Free Stuff" button.  I'm hoping that it works ok for you to print out... eventually I may try creating digital collage sheets to give you, but for right now I haven't figured out how to make the file size small enough to share easily.

Hope you enjoy the collage sheet!  The one little sheet out there looks lonely, so I'll have to add more free stuff!

I can't leave you without a photo, so here's a teeny photo of the collage sheet.  The downloadable one over at the website is a full 8.5" by 11".

Happy weekend, all!
P.S.  I also added a guestbook over at the website so you can leave comments there if you want to.


  1. You are just totally rocking! In other words, you are such an inspiration, Shelly! love your collage-sheet. Now if only my printer could do a nice job....

  2. Great collage sheet! Thanks so much for sharing. Alas, no color printer available but will give b/w a try and see how that goes. You never know..

  3. Wow! Thanks Shelly!!! I hope you do more of these!!!