Monday, May 28, 2012

Collage Sheet Journal Page

So I figured that if I made a collage sheet, I should at least attempt to use it too.  Oh my goodness, I am  rusty.  This was more work than play which means I should collage more often.
I'm not sure if my new page in the Mega Journal is completely done, but I know I need to move on from it so I can get some other things done around here!

I don't know if I've ever shared my process for using collage sheets, but in case you're interested, I always:
- Print out a regular copy of the sheet
- Print out a flipped (backwards) copy of the sheet
- Pick a few things to print out larger than the original (in this one, I only did the elephant head larger)

Maybe not the most earth shattering hints in the world, but it does help to have more options than just what you are given on one print out of the collage sheet.  Sometimes I mess with the contrast or saturation settings, but for this page, I just left those settings alone.

Hope you are having fun playing with the free collage sheet.  If you haven't gotten it yet, you can download it at (click on the "Click here for free stuff" button).


  1. thanks for the hints on the collage sheets, i think the collage sheet is amazing

  2. Yes. Ditto Lee. Lurve it. And the poundage on the mega journal...holy weight lifting bat are gonna have mega arms if you lug that thing on trips baby! :) LOVE it. And LOVE the page...its awesome.


  3. I'm taking Christy Tomlinson's new class and I needed something for the cover of my journal. I think I'm going to use your collage sheet!!! I need more of them though. Maybe you should start selling these! so cute!