Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh, Artfest...

I had planned on posting about Artfest sooner, but I came home to a sick lovey...
And then I got sick myself from some bug I brought home.  (No picture of me, sorry.  I'm not even remotely cute when I'm sick.)

I woke up at 3:15 AM feeling pretty miserable (did I mention that I'm whiny too when I'm sick?), so I thought I'd post the photos from Artfest instead of just being annoyed that I'm not sound asleep.
Teesha and Tracy at the opening welcome event
Workshop teachers introducing themselves
First day - journaling class with Erin Faith Allen and my table buddy Morganne

One of my journal pages - sideways for some reason
Another of my journal pages (I didn't draw the girl, I only wish that I did).  I think I'll work on this one some more and maybe even draw the girl with all the hair this time.
We snuck away at lunch time to see the sound and to collect sea glass (when you collect it from the sound is it sound glass?)
Day 2 - Stephanie Lee's Plaster Sampler class
One of my plaster and wax pieces
Day 3 - Andrea Matus's Suspended Souls class.  Didn't finish this one yet.  This is just a piece of it.  Not sure what's going to happen with it.
Did I mention that I DID finish my trades (at the hotel pre-Artfest)?
I was pretty happy to see this huge bed at my Seattle hotel.
And this dessert.
Showered and feeling more like myself again.
And the mountain came out to see me!  Seriously, when I was driving to the airport, the sight of Mt. Rainier made me a little weepy.  It always seems to come out on the last day of my trips.

I'm realizing now that I should have taken more photos - of my friends Lea and Dave and their adorable boys, of my amazing Artfest housemates Lisa, Lori and Kari, Fort Warden, of my Artfest friends, and so on... There are rumblings of another Port Townsend/Fort Warden art retreat in the works though, so next time!


  1. looks like you had the best time! i'm so happy you could be there shel. i hope you and harper are feeling much better. she is TOO cute!

  2. Looks like a fabulous and productive retreat! Your journal pages make me want to work in my journal - I love them!

  3. Like always, all your art looks great, even if it isn´t all finished :-) Hope both you and your sweetie get better soon!

  4. Love the plaster and wax piece! How cool is that!


  5. it's so fun to see what other peeps made at artfest! I like your journal looks like it's outside the norm for you....that's cool!! xo