Sunday, April 10, 2011

Artfest 2011!!!

Hello, my name is Shelly Massey, and I am your Artfest workshop teacher for today!
How awesome is that?! Seriously, did all of that just happen?!?!?! Or am I having the most amazing dream ever?
It was AMAZING!!!
I have so many things to tell you... about my fabulous students, the fantastic projects they created, and all the extra activities like the welcome event, the INSANE Iron Chef Artist event, Vendor Marketplace, and a little art-ing with friends. First... let me show you the fabulous work of my students from my License to Create class! Diana Frey created an Anahata Katkin inspired piece which I think is turning out wonderfully. I'll show you some of the beautiful up close details in an upcoming post. She's still adding hair and flowers, so I hope she'll post a finished picture at her blog so we can see her final piece! --> LINK Susan Morris told me almost as soon as I met her that she wasn't the artist in the family (she's sisters with Diana Frey above), but I beg to differ! Susan created a witch inspired piece with witch's boots and all. She was planning to add a quote and more embellishments, so... Susan, I hope you'll send me a final picture so I can post it! Allow me to introduce you to the sweet, sweet Gail Cowan. Gail came to the class unsure what she was going to create, but in the end, she made the most adorable piece with a house so sweet that I just wanted to live in it. (Can you see that precious birdie on top of the tree???) Gail is studying graphic design, and if you ask me (she let me peek at her amazing journal), she could be teaching all of us soon! Gail was still planning to embellish her piece further, so...Gail, please send me a final pic too!!! Kim Owen pulled together a piece that I'm completely crushing on. She was working on a dog topper for her piece, but when it wasn't working the way she wanted to, she completed her box with some cooler-than-cool rusty metal pieces. I really loved how she made it her own! This is Shelley Rozen, and her really fun and colorful piece! She pushed the boundaries with the plastercloth and wire and fashioned the adorable green glasses for her heart. The paint color on the heart was a cool iridescent that you can't really see in the pic, but is so beautiful in person. Shelley - you'll have to send me the awesome inspiration quote that you're adding (and that I keep forgetting) and pics of the final piece! Nola Unger created a soulful piece centered around the Kathmandu license plates that she brought to class. (She even gave me one! Thank you, Nola!) It was so much fun to watch how her mountain and prayer flags came together on the top. She really seemed to be having a great time with embellishing and pulling together her meaningful piece. You're an awesome student, Nola!And last, but certainly not least, this is Julie Primozich and her stylish piece. Julie was working on a really ambitious mermaid topper (which I still want to see finished, Julie!) but decided to take the piece in a different direction with fun embellishments. OH, and in class, there was a funny moment when my students showed me that magnets stick to license plates. I'm going to be sure to let my future students know about this "A-HA!" (why didn't I think of that) moment. I love Julie's piece and hope she'll send a final picture for me to post!

I couldn't be more thrilled or proud of my students. They did such an amazing job and really filled my heart such fond memories. They were my first class and fulfilled my wish in bigger ways than they will ever know.

Coming soon... the Game Time class students and stories from our fun day together!


  1. Shelley! Congratulations! This workshop looks like so much fun. You are doing it! Can't wait to see more pictures and posts.

  2. Oh Shelly what an inspiration you are... and I love how you declared your wish to everyone... absolutely amazing work here... and beautiful pics :)))

    Jenny x

  3. Holy cow that looks fun. I'm so glad you enjoyed, because it looks like your studii sure did! (I sorta miss teaching, back in the day. Only my studii were tech-school airmen.)

  4. oh DID happen! you AREN'T dreaming!! i'm SO proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! i loved seeing your photos and reading your story. keep more coming. i want to hear ALL about it!!!

  5. How cool for you. I can imagine what fun you had. Those boxes your students made are really cool!

  6. You, GO, Girl!!! Fabulous!!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful, creative time, and that's what it's all about!!! Good for YOU!!!! Congratulations!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  7. Shelley, you ROCK! You are so incredibly talented and inspiring. I am so happy I got to meet you and watch you follow your dreams. Your classes look so fun. I'll be following you (not in the stalker kind of way, in the feed reader kind of way :P)