Saturday, April 23, 2011

Art Workshop Teaching - Questions + Answers

At Artfest, I got asked a few questions frequently enough that I thought maybe you'd want to hear them (and the answers) too!

Do you get paid to teach?
Yes, teachers are paid per student in the class. (At least this is the way it works for everything I've proposed for so far.)

How much do you get paid?
The amount varies depending on the event and the length of the class. Some events let you set the amount while some events set the amount. The average for a 6 hour class (full day class) is around $90 per student. Side note: This may sound like a good bit, but teachers pay for travel, shipping, lodging and food too.

What is the process for proposing to teach?
I was lucky enough to have a first time teacher at the 2010 Artfest - Michelle Allen. She was very approachable, so I felt comfortable asking her how she did it. All I had to do was email the retreat coordinator (Teesha Moore in the case of Artfest) and ask for an application to teach. The coordinator emails the info packet and application which tells you all the details, deadlines, etc.

When do you propose?
Submission of proposals happens long before the event. I'm currently submitting workshops for 2012. For example, this year for Artfest, proposals for 2012 are due (in Teesha's hands) by June 3, 2011. The actual Artfest event is March 28-April 1, 2012. That's pretty far to think ahead!

What is your daily schedule like?
My daughter Harper wakes us up around 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning. We get some breakfast (almost always oatmeal with raisins for both of us, milk for her, tea for me (more info than you wanted? LOL!)) and then she plays, watches TV, or looks at books while I do some kind of art related task that won't interest her too much like blogging, looking for art retreat information, or sometimes doodling while Harper doodles too.

At 9, my mother-in-law comes over to pick up Harper (my work hours are 9 to 6), and I get to work. I work remotely as a software analyst. Around noon if I don't have any meetings, I do some art instead of eating and then make something quick to eat at my desk. I have a separate office for work. Locking myself in there with just breaks for tea (and the bathroom, of course) keeps me focused.

If I get a quick break, even though I know it would be better to take a quick walk outside, I usually spend the break doing some art related task like priming a couple boards or gluing something that I know can dry while I'm back to work.

At 6, my mother-in-law brings Harper back (yes, I know I'm lucky to have this kind of day care for many, many reasons). We eat dinner with Daddy, play and read until her bedtime at 8.

Evenings vary depending on my art deadlines. If I'm close to a deadline, I do art time from 8 until bedtime (around 10) every night. Sometimes that cuts into the 6-8 PM time with Harper too if I'm running behind. If I'm not close to an art deadline, I only do art time on some evenings. Other evenings I hang out by my hubby to watch a movie.

Any other questions?
I'm sure there were more questions and answers, and I'll post as I remember them... but if you have questions, feel free to ask!


  1. Love hearing all of this. Just what I was wondering. I need to start teaching, but just locally. Do they tell you what to put in a proposal? Where do you even begin? You should be so proud of yourself. you did it.

  2. You are so wonderful to share this...It is very helpful! Very kind of you.