Saturday, April 16, 2011

Artfest - The Final Events

Our last Artfest evening was spent with looking at everyone's work at the Show and Tell event. It was fun to look at everyone's creations. Then Lea, Lisa, Kari (my housemates) and I went out for a nice dinner downtown. We got back in time for Lea and I to do some last evening journaling with the ladies in dorm 225. Janne Robberstad has a much better post than I can put together --> HERE In the morning, we had to pack up to go. We were all pretty exhausted and barely out of our pajamas, but we took this funny picture before we left. The wind was blowing HARD, and we managed to be leaving at a time when no one else was out and about. We could have taken more photos, but we decided to just go with the funny original.

I love you, Sweeties!

I'll have at least one last wrap up post for Artfest. Still have a few thoughts left and some looking ahead, but I'm waiting to recover from my return travels yesterday from Washington.

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