Thursday, March 31, 2011


So if you read this blog, you know that Artfest is next week. Whenever I have a free minute, I'm pretty consumed with thinking about it.
Here's are some truths in my head right now:

- I'm nervous but ridiculously excited.

- If you wish for something and then work really, really hard, it can happen.

- Ignoring your fears is really empowering but still scary.

- The idea of teaching and proclaiming "I AM AN ARTIST" has dredged up some "unfun" confidence and identity issues. Who am I to think that I am good enough to teach? Is my art any good? Who am I really? Am I artsy enough?

(Side Note about this one - I think this is normal and expected. I'm trying to take a huge leap that has taken me 20+ years to reach, so it's going to take me some more time to get adjusted.)

- I need to find my local artistic community.

- I want to find a better way to describe my artistic style. I don't think "fun and whimsical" is going to do it for me any more.

- I want to be able to accept that "fun and whimsical" is good enough - even if that's not how I want to describe my art to people who I don't think will "get it."

- I want to quit overthinking everything. (Obviously I'm having trouble with this one.)

- I have so many ideas for things I want to do that my head may just pop. Almost everything I look at gives me a new idea. (For example, just adding the line drawing image above makes me want to do some coloring of my line drawings using PhotoShop to play around with different color palettes.)

This is going to be a bumpy but exciting ride. Hang on!!!


  1. It takes a lot of guts to get as far as you have. I am so proud of you. I think all of these fears, anxieties and thoughts are normal. In fact, if you didn't have them it may be a little strange! I have total faith in you. You have always amazed me with your ideas and execution of them.

    Love you!

  2. hey shel...loved reading your blog post. i would believe i'd have quite a few those thoughts and more! i am SUPER excited for you. i cannot wait to hear ALL about artfest when you get home. it's going to be such an awesome journey for you! i know i've told you a thousand times..but here's one more...i'm SO proud of you!!!!

  3. Where you peeking in my head while writing this??Cannot wait to hear and see pics of Artfest, Im new to all the retreats and workshops that are out thereYou are there just BELIEVE:O) have fun:O)

  4. I think your check list could be mine too... i'm a first timer at art fest, I'm SO excited. This is my big first step of many,
    I hope I'll get to meet you in person...

  5. Oh you gave me a good laugh. I don't think any of your comments have not been thought by most artists. Don't we all over-think? That's what makes us see all those arty ideas out there just waiting to be explored. Have a wonderful (and I know you will) time at ArtFest. Just soak it all in. I hope the weather is half decent and I gotta tell you we have had record rain so maybe (doubt it) it's all rained out and the sun will come pouring down instead. Ya it could happen...

  6. I think you are fabulous and I CAN'T WAIT till June. You know its only a couple of mos away now!!!!! EEK! Have fun on Artfest...I'm getting a kick outta your posts on crazy gurl!