Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This might be part of the problem...

There could be another reason no art is happening around here. The art room is a DISASTER. And I don't work so well in DISASTER areas. When I came back from the art fair, I dumped everything in the middle of the room. I worked on cleaning up a bit this morning, and at least there's a table now with a few inches of space to work in. Now if I could just find time to paint the walls. (Ok, not gonna happen any time soon... I know.)


  1. Love your room...Looks like alot of fun could happen there...Hugs, Diane

  2. You and me both kid. My room needs such a cleaning and that has got to be the reason for me NOT wanting to go in there lately. Ugh. Hey, love that sunflower art work! Did you do? Its gorgeous!


  3. I'll trade! I''m sharing my space with 2 yard apes and their toys. We've blended my daughter and her kids with us and my "creative space/place" is gone. (sobs in hands)
    You're doing some great work! And thats the most important part of what you do. Quality, imaginative, whimsical, ART! Brava! Keep going at YOUR pace.
    And don't forget to breathe.

  4. Looks waaaaaaaaaay better than my studio does right now!

    Love your work!!! :-)