Monday, September 13, 2010


We are CELEBRATING! Why are we celebrating? Because over the weekend I managed to pull together my workshop applications for Art Unravelled 2011. YAYYYYYY!

I'm submitting some things you've seen before, but at this point, even that requires celebration. Here's what I sent:

License To Create

A license plate treasure box.

Art Journal To Go
A box that holds a journal and supplies.

Birdy on Branch

A mixed-media, art journaling birdy standing proudly on her branch.(Detail)We'll see what happens!


  1. I really like your art! The colors you use make me happy =D

  2. congrats! now you can rest up a bit!! xx's

  3. They are all fab pieces, I esp love the Journal carry box...too cute!


  4. wowee shelly!'ve been busy. your artwork is amazing. i have NO doubts you'll be in with flying colors! congratulations!!!

  5. Yay! The possibilities are endless. Way to go Shelley. Sending good thoughts your way.let us know how it goes...