Monday, September 20, 2010

I made something.

Yes, that's right. I finally made something. I'm not sure it's finished, but I'm calling it "ok" for now.And I have to admit, it was hard to even get this far. I'm out of the magic groove of daily creating. I miss that magic.

Note to self:
You created something. And that is good enough.


  1. I LOVE IT! Its fabulous and yes, you made something and that is good! :) Miss ya gurl!


  2. I like all the textured details in the backgrounds. It does feel good to PLAY with paint, doesn´t it ? :-)

  3. play is a happy talent indeed!
    i love your play art!!

  4. what a beautiful piece of art!

  5. Love it! And love the pics of your studio too!

  6. What a gorgeous flower and background love it.

  7. I echo the thoughts of the previous commenters, it is sooo cute! It would look great in my studio, actually.
    I completely understand the "magic" being gone. I am going through the same thing. I keep reminding myself that it will pass as all things do. In the meantime, hold on, Its one layer of paint, one collage element, one outline, one project at a time.
    Thank you for all of your inspiration. I have, and still do, enjoy the stab of jealousy mixed with the touch of inspiration when I see your work.

  8. This would make a great clock.
    We are into making clocks at the moment, so everything looks like it would make a great clock, but still I think it would.