Friday, September 10, 2010

Still Here & Still Swamped

Oh yes, I'm still here. And I've been doing my very best not to whine to the world about how completely buried I am. I'll leave it at this... I was crazy to accept the offer for the manager position at work. Crazy, I tell you.

Ok. Done with that.

Now on to my current art dilemma. I want, want, want to get my workshop applications in for Art Unravelled, but the deadline for applications is September 15th. I've been trying very hard to get to it, but many, many 10 to 14 hour work days + a two year old who wants her Mama (+ a Mama who wants her two year old who is extra funny and sweet and cuddly lately) are making that very difficult. SOMEHOW, I will pull it together.

One of my challenges for doing workshop applications is that you have to think about submitting about a year in advance of the actual event. That's a heck of a lot of thinking ahead. Another event, Artiscape, is due today. I just don't think that's going to happen no matter how much I want it. My "I can do anything! I can do it all!" mentality is kind of being squashed lately. I still know (like my last post said) that this will pass. But in the meantime, it's a struggle.


  1. breathe... you really DON'T have to do it all and trust me you don't need to do it all, do what you can and do it well and let the rest...GO : )

  2. I'm sorry that things are so busy right now. I've been thinking about you and sending good thoughts for things to settle down soon. You are only one person!

  3. This too shall pass : ) But srsly, that thought has gotten me through a lot of crazy phases. On the flip side, it's true of time with children also. Good luck balancing it out.

  4. I just received your package!!! I don'tknow how you made time, but I LOVE, LOVE my print + card + coloring book. It's going up in the studio to remind me... I'm in the same place right now! Working my &%^$*#@ off and frustrated. You can complain, I understand. It feels like forever, but it's just a season... thinking about you!

  5. You are will pass. There are days that I feel like I could take on the world, and do anything....and other days that I just want to hide under the covers. Sometimes it's a frustrating cycle..especially with deadlines looming. Good luck with all you decide to do. There's always next time.