Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Preview + Autumn

We have had a fun autumn so far.  We've kept busy, and alternately we've kept warm and cool.  Yesterday was short sleeves weather; today is scarves, umbrellas, and jackets.
May I introduce you to Willy Wonka?  Grandma made this awesome coat and vest for Harper's costume. We'll add a cane, ribbon bow, and a treat bag that looks like a Wonka chocolate bar.  And maybe even parents dressed up like giant Oompa Loompas.
We were just in the nick of time with Halloween because a new obsession is rapidly moving in.
And here's some Halloween decor gone crazy.  I have a photo of Doug wearing one too, but I think I'd get in trouble for posting that.
 We went on a hayrack ride with friends.  Really fun!!!
 The guys all hunted the perfect pumpkins with the kids.
 Harper and Daddy did some accounting.
 Harper had breakfast with friends.
 And Harper created a site map for her future website creation.
 Happy Autumn!


  1. Oh please please please dress as Oompas Loompas. And take pictures.

  2. oh my gosh Harper is adorable! thank you for sharing pictures of her with us!

  3. Willy Wonka, my favorite movie in elementary school! Adorable costume!