Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life around here...

Hi there... I've missed you!  How are you doing?
Things have been a little all over the place around here (as usual).  I've been making journal books and ornaments.  It makes me happy to see them all lined up!
And I've been working a little on my basement disaster.  Here's a before and after (Ok, not that much change, but I did beat back the piles a little.  I'm hoping to put my craft tables down here.
 I did manage to carve out a play area for Harper too.
Oh my goodness, I got Harper's school photos back today.  That fake smile-for-the-camera smile cracks me up.
And I've been working on a logo and website for my first customer!  So far, so good... hopefully it will be up and running this week or early next week!
And finally, I've worked on my website too.  It's a little slow going, but I can see where I'm headed with it now at least.  I'll let you know when it's posted and what in the world I am doing!


  1. whoa! Those ornaments and journals take my breath away! So perfectly wonderful!!! And the new space is gonna be awesome. Harper is the cutest.... you can see her trying to decide what to play with first. Love her pictures-- classic!

    You ROCK!!!

    p.s. I love exclamation marks!!!!!!

  2. oh what a great area that is going to be! love all your "stuff" - just my style! harper is adorable. that big smile cracks me up. she is growing up so fast!

  3. i smiled when i saw the picture of Harper, did you teach her to smile like that. I saw all those beautiful handmade books, and my mouth started to the look of the workspace, dont forget to show it when it is done

  4. You have been busy!!! I LOve her school picture sooo adorable:O) And love the ornaments you are creating and journals:O)Have a great day!!

  5. Love love love the ornaments and journals!!! Will you be selling those on your website?

  6. The basement disaster (before shot) looks so familiar, except it's on the upper floor and not in the basement! Priceless school photo! My youngest looked like an urchin -- she redid her hair and slipped a Princess Peach shirt on underneath her dress after I audited her outfit...