Monday, March 5, 2012

Stuff to show ya

Harper would like to show you her safety goggles.  Well, her pretend safety goggles that say all over the sides that they're not really for safety, but just for play.  Ummm... ok.  What else?
 Harper would also like to show you her new kitty.  It has magnets in its hands and feet.  Pretty awesome, but I'm wondering how long before we accidentally get those magnets near something like a USB memory stick that they're not supposed to be near.
I moved my furniture again.  I keep moving stuff around until I'm happy with it, and obviously I must not be happy with it.  The front room was supposed to be a dining room, but we don't have a real dining room table any more because we sold it when we moved from Washington to Ohio.  Here's where the furniture was in the front room this morning... (I never did commit to a rug, so it remained rugless. Oh, and that piece of furniture in the corner wasn't supposed to be there.) 
 And then here's the furniture where I moved it to after breakfast.  I'm already hearing grumbling from my husband (we went from giant open space to having furniture that you sort of have to walk around), so we'll see if it gets to stay there or not.  I swear if this doesn't work out, I'm buying those giant Love Sac bean bags and calling it a day.
 And here's some journaling from last week and the weekend...
P.S.  My sink is STILL dishes free!  WAHOOO!!!


  1. Oh, Shelly . . . if I could make children and journals as beautiful and delightful as yours, I would do nothing else. Okay, wait, maybe I would not make children quite that much, but . . . you are talented at raising such a smart, adorable, corker of a child whilst making the most incredible art work. I'm such a fan of both! ♥

  2. what a delightful and precocious little girl you have! she's adorable. when you have kids like that life doesn't get any better! love your journal pages, too!

  3. Hi, Shelley--since your studio wasn't open at the Pendleton I checked your blog and learned that you're back to working F/T. I tried to email you, but it bounced back. I tried again just a few minutes ago--maybe it will go through this time, but I want to be sure you know I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the best!!

  4. Especially love the "Things Harper Does that are Awesome!" Everyone should be so lucky to have a doodle like that!


  5. Shelly, if you ever decide to reproduce that adorable owl to sell, let me know...I love owls and LOVE that page.

  6. Shelly, if you ever decide to reproduce that adorable owl to sell, let me know...I love owls and LOVE that page.

  7. Your journal is so much fun! And whoo hoo - it is a relief to have a dishes free sink! (p.s. love that owl too!)