Friday, March 9, 2012

Scenes from around the Massey house...

Artfest trades are finally getting going...
 Paint has been flying...
 The Starburst supply has been depleting, but we're still flush in bottlecaps and paperclips...
 I did that cool Pinterest ribbon holder thingy...
And up close, this looks like a happy and well behaved little family, but pull back...  
 ... and you'll see there's been quite a bit of hoodlum going on around here.


  1. love love your art, and the ribbon holder, which I am going to give a try

  2. the trades for Art Fest. How big are those? Way cute! And hey, that looks like my house. LOL. Wish you were coming down to hang with us. Although poor M, will actually be working in Philly and won't get to play. Boo.



  3. love that mess! haha i remember those days well. enjoy it. you sort of miss it (well not too much) after the kids grow up. love your art. love the ribbon holder idea. clever.

  4. Wow! Your trades look O-maZing!!!! Can´t wait to see them finished! (And glad to be your friend... ha, ha, ha :-) I think I finally have both a fun, aesthetic, personal AND practical trade too. Now if I can just get them made....) :-)

  5. I love this post! Shelly, your trades are awesome! Artists will be hunting you out at Artfest!

  6. OMG!! Your trades are more than awesome--- they are fantabulous!! Must send you an email soon. Up to my ears in sandpaper (refinishing my table)

  7. Love your trades! What a great idea!!! I might have to do something similar in my own style for ART IS YOU. Still trying to come up with a good idea.


  8. Your trades are very cool. The "well behaved" family cracked me up.