Friday, February 24, 2012

Me today...

Today (as seen here in my standard preschool drop off attire - crazy hair, sweater to cover the pajama shirt I'm still wearing, scarf as a nod to the idea that it might be cold outside and at least I sort of thought about it on the way out the door), I'm a bundle of contradictions. 

I'm crabby and tired, but hopeful. 

I'm frustrated, but looking forward to good things coming soon. (See that little attempt at a smile in the bottom one?  Ok, not my best attempt ever, I admit, but an attempt nonetheless!)

I'm impatient, but recognizing that things take time.

Throughout a single day, I'm full of energy and then exhausted.  And then more energy and then more exhausted.  You get the idea.

I'm blurry, but at least the front door is in focus.

My house is dirty (find some windex for that mirror, lady), but at least I took a shower.  (...ummm... yesterday.)

I have too much time to think about how I'm feeling.  I need to get out of the house.

Today's doodles:  (These are before the "cheer the *bleep* up" talk I had with myself.)


  1. we all have crabby days. i personally think we need 'em sometimes. don't you think they really help us get things in perspective and appreciate all the positives that make our lives so awesome? if you need a vacation...come see me!

  2. I agree, some days we need crabby, I love the doodles , the trailer, made me want to pack my PJ's and hit the road

  3. hey, ...who cares...these are GREAT doodles :)

  4. You're also gorgeous with your "crazy" hair and your pajama-shirt-hiding sweater and your nod to the cold and your attempt at a smile.

    One of my theme songs is Alanis Morissette's "Hand in My Pocket". This post reminds me of that song. That is a good thing.

  5. hey, you still look adorable! keep moving forward, thats the best thing to do. LOVE the doodles, you need to make me a coloring book!

    love ya!