Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happiness is...

Hope you all find some happiness today.  I found some last night in the form of a non-traditional Lovey's (Valentine's) Day gift from my hubby -- some art time.  Maybe not everyone's idea of a romantic evening, but a little art time goes a long way in the love department with me.

P.S.  In case you're thinking, "Why does someone who only works part time need even more time for art?",  I went back to work full time about a month ago.  It's not the dream, but it's the right thing to do for now.


  1. Oh Shelly, this is BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors and the quote.

    I am all about getting extra time to paint - it's the best gift ever (oh and art supplies) he he ;) Having a family makes the art dream ebb and flow doesn't it? Sorry you had to go back full time, but I know you'll be back where your dreams are soon enough. Have a beautiful day!

    p.s. only 41 days until artfest~ eeeeks!!!!

  2. wait, did your website just change or am I crazy?

  3. I think art time is a lovely gift. you have such a talent and I wish you could have even MORE art time!!! Love the painting!


  4. I adore the coffee cups image. The colors, the happiness, the stripes, the texture. I see it on the front of a magazine! :-)