Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry (early) Christmas to me!

I first saw this piece of art that Kim Rae Nugent was selling on her Etsy site and just had to have it. Unfortunately at the time, it was reserved for someone else. It must have been really meant for me though because a few weeks after I drooled on my computer screen over it (and let Kim know that I wanted the piece if it didn't work out with the other person), she let me know that whomever had originally wanted it didn't reply to emails. And... she said that if I still wanted it, the piece was mine! YAHOOOOO!!!! I had the great pleasure of meeting Kim at the Inspire My Life art retreat this summer. Kim is a very talented artist, instructor, and is also the author of the inspiring book Interactive Art Workshop. And to top that all off, she's a lot of fun too!
Her beautiful creation is now hanging in a special spot on our fireplace.
P.S. A special THANKS goes to Kim Geiser. Without Kim G., I never would have met Kim Rae Nugent or all of the other special people that Kim G. pulled together for a magical art-filled weekend. That time was one of the highlights of my whole year!


  1. That is a wonderful piece. It looks so good in your house.

  2. I just love owls! That is wonderful. And your Christmas tree is beautiful!!!


  3. How cool is that? Its a fab piece and looks great, so yep, was meant to be. LOVE your couch and chair!


  4. What a nice place you have chosen for the owl to perch in your house! I am honored!

  5. Love the owl ! I remember paging through Kim Rae's journal that weekend ( hey, she offered, I wasn't being nosy ) and thinking 'OMG, this is seriously amazing art, I am totally not worthy'... :)
    Had a blast with all you talented ladies!