Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quote Collecting

I've been collecting quotes for a bit and decided to start keeping them all in one place so I can find them later for journaling.Ummm... I wish I could tell you why this photo is sideways. Because I didn't take it that way.
Other than doodling quotes, I've been super busy. Super busy recovering from a cold, that is. Ugh. I am not a good sick person. It's just a cold, and I'm mostly recovered. When not reclining on the couch or working, I've been trying to clear the chaos around here. Thinking about putting up Christmas decorations. Probably my way of avoiding the mountain of laundry that needs to be done.

Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! We're not having Thanksgiving until Saturday, so we'll be headed to the movie theater to see the Muppets!


  1. sorry to hear you are sick shel. that stinks. hope you are better by your thanksgiving celebration. i love keeping quotes in one place too! it makes it so easy to find them all in one single place! love your lettering!

  2. Your quote collection is inspiring. And I love the way that you have written them! penny

  3. That is one lovely quote book!!! We'll be seeing the Muppets too! Happy Thanksgiving!!


  4. I love collecting quotes too! Some really great ones!

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!

  5. "earth laughs in flowers..." ralph waldo emerson short in sweet.

    muppets! it's on our list to do with Arlin...I loved the muppets as a kid! :)

    happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. hand lettering + black & white = sings my tune! love 'em!

  7. Love these quotes Shelly! And of course I always love your letttering. and sister wives :) happy, happy thanksgiving.

  8. LOVE the quote book, wicked cool idea. I have a wee, ratty little book, that I scribble them down in, its a wonder I can read them when I go back to em. LOL. This is way cooler and once again my friend, you have inspired me. LOVE.


  9. oh ya... i think i would even BUY one of those books.. how stinkin cool is this BOOK!!! i snagged a pict to remind me that i should try and be as good as cindy and shelly

    hahah luv ya! and miss ya too...
    (see .. i still dont know how to be a real person on here)