Friday, December 16, 2011

A not about art post

Non-art news flash!  I got my hair colored and cut!  WOOHOO!!!
On the left, the just got outta bed and took my preschooler to school look.  (Ok, for school drop off, I had a pony tail, but that wasn't really a good photo for showing "before" hair disaster.)
And on the right, the not so great photo of my "after" hair.  In person, it's much better, and I'm much less green.  (Grinch, anyone?) We seriously need new lighting in Harper's bathroom.
 And the back!
P.S.  Taking a photo of the back of your head is not as easy as you'd think.  Go ahead and try.  I dare ya. :)


  1. Sexy! Be careful or your next post will be announcing Harper's new sibling ;)

  2. Gorgeous! And it isn't easy being green. ;)

  3. look so beautiful shel! love your new haircut!