Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the winners are...

And the winners are.....
#14 Angel (http://angelchiasson.blogspot.com/) and #17 Eli (http://eliandtoggle.blogspot.com)

Congratulations and thanks for commenting! Please email your shipping address and print choice to shellymassey01 (at) gmail.com.

Winners selected by the psychic science random number generator... I picked that generator because it looked the most entertaining.

And the results are...
12 say reveal
10 say don't reveal

I didn't expect it to be so close! I thought for sure there would be a dramatic opinion swing one way or another. Guess I feel better now about being on the fence about what to do...but with your help, I was able to make a decision.

And the decision is...
I'm not revealing. Yet. BUT SOON! I'm going to wait until I know the results, but that's not far off! Submissions are due June 1, and then teachers are notified on June 7. SOON!

But because I'm making you wait...
Anyone who commented on the Reveal/Don't Reveal post will get a 5x7 mini print by emailing their shipping address to me at shellymassey01 (at) gmail.com. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who commented!


  1. OK, I feel weird being in the majority! LOL. and I won't be selfish and hog another print! LOL.


  2. Yay me! I think that's wise, because what if you see something super similar you will wonder... and there's a lot of "borrowing" whic is part of being an artist (sharing) but there's a fine line... all that to say... yay! Yay me.I get a shelley massey original + I am so proud of you for going for it...

  3. Hi Shelley..I am so thrilled and super excited i have sent you my addy ty so much jan..success to you..Hugs jan

  4. Well shucks! I should have commented here to instead of just facebook. Then it would be been 11 for nope :). Wait, no it would have been tied for me and your mama's comments! PS. Here is my FB note *Nope. As much as I WANT to see them, ( I do love those sneak previews) keep them close to your heart, THEN reveal when you are chosen of course! It's Claimed girl!!! Woot!!

  5. Ohhhh, I've missed a chance to win your giveaway, but I AM happy that you stopped by my blog for a visit and left a comment so that I could follow you back to visit YOUR awesome blog! Hugs, Terri