Monday, July 8, 2013

Even more epic vacation... Part 3

Can you stand even more vacation photos?  Oh my... I took a lot of them.  681 to be exact.  Well, probably even more if I look at my phone photos.  Ok, onward to Wyoming...

 First mission in Jackson... RODEO!

The next morning, Doug found this Alpine Slide thing at the Snow King Resort.  Harper and Doug decided to give it a try.  Ok, you'll have to indulge me a bit... there are more photos of this part of the trip than really necessary, but do you see the GLEE on that girl's face?  Oh my goodness, she loved the slide.  They went way, way, way up on the hill on a ski lift and then rode (practically flew) down on a wheeled sled.
See them way up there?

 So happy. :)
THEN... just to make sure the day was memorable enough, she got to bungee trampoline too.  She loved that too.
 Pretty worn out now, and it's only just past lunch time!
There aren't any photos of the rest of that day because I was doing laundry for what seemed like hours.  I'll be honest, I didn't mind the break.  Jackson was busy!
To continue the adventures, we woke up early and hopped on a Snake River raft float ride.  Our tour guide Scott was awesome.

 See!  I really was on the vacation too.
 We saw a pair of eagles and their nest.
And there is a moose in those trees.  Right in the middle.  Ok, ok... it was hard for us to see too!
And because we hadn't done enough in Jackson (haha), we went to a covered chuckwagon dinner that evening.
 Harper made friends, of course.

That's probably enough for that post.  See, I told you Jackson was busy!  Next up... Yellowstone!

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