Sunday, July 7, 2013

Epic Vacation... Part 2

My sleeping buddy. The RV had two beds, so Harper and I shared the larger loft bed.  I often woke up with her legs on my head or her using my leg as a pillow.
 Sometimes she wasn't happy about getting woken up early, but she managed.
 One last climb up the sand dune before we hit the road.
 Heading across southern Idaho.
Doug in front of an Idaho corn field.  I don't really remember why we stopped here... I think we heard a funny noise in the RV, so I decided to take a photo of the corn fields for a farmer (my Dad) in Kansas.
We broke up the trip to visit a national fossil monument in Hagerman, ID.  We thought we were going to see some fossils at an actual dig, but nope, just a museum.  Harper made friends pretty much everywhere we went.
Back on the road towards Wyoming.  We started seeing mountains off in the distance which fooled me into believing we were closer to Wyoming than we really were.  I kind of suck at geography and measuring distances.  Oops.
With another stop on the way at Craters of the Moon, Idaho.  You start seeing what looks like churned up dirt on the sides of the road, but it's really lava rocks.

 And back on the road to Wyoming.
Next up... Jackson, WY and the Grand Tetons.

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  1. I love Harper's sunglasses on first thing in the morning!