Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You're going to laugh...

First you're probably going to laugh at these really bad photos. And then maybe you'll wonder why I'm posting them. Then you're going to laugh because I'm moving my studio again. Yes, again!

(OR, maybe you're just shaking your head in dismay wondering why I keep moving my stuff and not getting any art done. I know I'm doing a little bit of that.)

The studio has been in my office, in the dining room, down in the basement, and all the way downtown. I love the studio downtown, and I'll be keeping it as a gallery and for teaching classes (starting in October!). But what's NOT working with the downtown studio is that I can't sneak there during Harper's nap time or after she goes to bed. I can't get there on lunch hours. Those were all my prime art making times before I started working part-time at my necessary job.

SO, the really bad photos are "before" photos of my new working studio upstairs (an extra guest room that's just been mainly sitting there since we moved in). It has a lovely window overlooking the front yard and an even lovelier HUGE closet!

Every time I thought about using this space for art, I'd look in there, see the wallpaper, and just walk right back out. Quickly. So yesterday, I used my Labor Day for just that.... LABOR. The "fun" labor of wallpaper removal. And it wasn't so bad. Right now, my in-laws are upstairs painting the room a lovely shade of deep gray-beige called Eiffel Tower.

I may have finally found a space where my art making can really call home. HAPPINESS.

Expect some better photos in the next few weeks!


  1. Can't wait to see! I'm very excited for you . . . and just a tad jealous or maybe envious is a better word. Whatever it is when you're genuinely happy and excited for someone but plotting how you can someday have the same thing and impatient that it's never soon enough. I can never tell you enough how fortunate I feel to have known you long enough to see your journey explode into so many good things in so many directions. I've truly been inspired by you over and over again.

  2. Ohhhhh, YAY!!!!!! I think you will LOVE having a space to call your own at home. And yes, very fun to nip in there (like at 4:30 am when hormones come to call - or leave - whichever the case may be). Yay you! Oh Shells, can't wait to see the end result!!!!!!!


  3. oh shel...you are funny! haha good for you to keep moving around. when you hit the "right" spot you're going to know it! it sounds like this room is going to be perfect!