Thursday, September 8, 2011

Journaling Journey with Paper Cowgirls!

In August, I had the lucky experience (ok, there was a good bit of planning involved on the fabulous head Paper Cowgirl Cindy Mayfield's part too... not just luck) of getting to go back to Waxahachie, Texas to teach a two day journaling class called Journaling Journey.  We had a ridiculous amount of fun creating journals and playing.  Some of the ladies (yes, you, Susan and Shannon!) just couldn't quit and kept journaling until after 10 PM on our first day!
We did a little house project to work on loosening up and playing with color.  Everyone's turned out so FUN!
The talented Sandra Feazel joined us for a bit to play!
Look at Shannon's pop up girl!  (Looks like Blogger doesn't want to play nice and put my photos in the direction I want them... Sorry!!!)  Shannon was one of our late night journalers. :)
 Peggy's sweet singing cowboy collage for her grandson.  Had a great time sitting next to you, Peggy!
 THE Miss Cindy Mayfield's dream collage.  How's your cousin Tim, Miss Cindy? :)
Cindy Gilstrap's awesome collage... She took a MUCH better photo on her blog... check it out!  (Plus you just need to visit her adorable blog because it's so stinking cute.)
A sweet, whimsical vintage-y page from Susan's journal.  Susan was one of our late nighter's too!
One of Miss Melissa's works in progress.  Melissa is my soul twin PLUS bling!
Somehow I missed getting any decent photos of Dina and her daughter Natalie's work.  They were kind of jammed into the corner working away in creative bliss.

Here are some of the girls working away... oh, the fun of it!  Miss you!


  1. Shelly, everyone's work was so amazing!!! You did an awesome job of instructing and guiding...I loved my brief little adventure with you all!!! Just wished I could have been there for the entire time!! You are so inspiring, and so fun to create with!!!

  2. What a fun class!!! I love everyone's creations! ~Val

  3. much fun! Just will have to do it again. And cuz...he is doing allright...LOL.....

    love ya gurl! Miss ya!


  4. I had so much fun!!! Loved the class, the company, the creative time! Thanks girly for a great class and a much needed creative weekend! We will definitely have to do again. Miss ya and hugs! C2

  5. it was more than wonderful!!! i loved every single second!! even tho i am allergic to bright colors... and tearing old books. hahah

    so far everyone who has seen my book is jealous they did not attend the class... somedays it is good to be me. hahah

    luv ya blingless sista

  6. Have you considered presenting your journaling class as an online workshop? It looks like so much fun...