Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Beginning

It feels like I haven't posted anything for a while (even though I just posted about Regina's awesome class that I'm taking in August)...

Today feels like a beginning. Actually, last week was the beginning and I've been feeling whispers of beginning, but today feels like THE day. TODAY is my first full art day down at the studio now that I've reduced my hours at my job to part time. I'm waiting to say WAHOOOOOO until I actually create something!

Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more artsy posts from me in the future.

I also have some events coming up very soon... Inspire My Life in Manitowoc, WI and Art Unravelled in Phoenix, AZ. If you haven't signed up yet, PLEASE DO! Would love to see you. :)
AND, Art Is... You Petaluma is coming up in September. If you're going to be there, let me know!

Backtracking a bit... and because I don't want to leave you without a picture. Last week I got to spend my off days from work visiting my long time wonderful best friend Judy. Also got to see long time friends Tom and Melissa and to visit Greenville, SC - one of my favorite cities. Such a great time - here we are getting ready to go out. Could I be any paler??! :)
Uh oh... I hear a bump upstairs. Miss Harper must be awake. Time for some Mommy-Daughter morning time!


  1. How exciting to be creative all day!!! Lucky you. I am super pale too so you are not alone. The sun is my enemy. ~Val

  2. i'm so happy for you shel! that is awesome news that you now a part timer at work! there could be nothing more glorious than art time. i wish you ALL the best!!...AND...i'm SO proud of you and your success!1

  3. Awesome news, Shelly!!!! Congrats on your 'new career' move!!! Enjoy!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo