Friday, July 15, 2011

Art Day 1 Recap + Art Day 2 Plans

Ok, I swear I won't debrief you on EVERY art day I get to have... but just so that I can record what I accomplished, I'm documenting. So....

Yesterday, I:

-Walked my daughter over to her Mimi's house because it was a beautiful morning
- Started a painting to get warmed up
- Created 3 of the 5 collages for my Inspire My Life "Love Your Letters" class + started the backgrounds for the 2 remaining
- Finished the backs of the flower bouquets for my Inspire My Life "Don't Be Blue Bouquet" class
- Prepped 10 boards for some transfers I want to do
- Started creating class kits for the four classes coming up at the end of July
- Worked on a gift

Today I'm going to:

- Take some photos of my progress so I have photos to share with you :)
- Finish the remaining 2 collages
- Make a new "Birdy on a Branch" for Art Unraveled so I can prepare for that class
- Finish the gift I worked on yesterday
- Continue assembling class kits and figure out how big the pile of stuff is that I need to take
- Maybe make a trip to the lumber store to get wood for finishing up class kits for the "License to Create" class

Ready. Set. GO!!!


  1. Sounds like perfect, creative days!!! ~Val

  2.'ve been really busy! good for you. it sounds like great ways to spend your time!

  3. Looks like a good and productive day! I love making lists and checking things off!