Monday, June 6, 2011

Working hard to find the silver lining...

I just got the email that I didn't make the Artfest cut. I'm trying to find a positive here, but because I just got the news, I don't know how to turn it around to something not super sad yet. I'm sure there's good there somewhere... might just take a few hours or days to find it.

[Edited to add]
OK, collecting my list of upsides already because I really (REALLY) don't like to be sad.

Upside 1:
I can sell one of the proposal samples to the guy who really, really wanted to buy it on Friday.

Upside 2:
I can reuse the projects for another event if I want to.


  1. I'm sorry, love. :( big hugs.

  2. Cindy In CarolinaJune 6, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Girlfriend, I have just recently found your site and I love your work. You can use these projects to apply for other places. Move on. I know you are feeling down. Pick a new venue and apply. Can you teach there where your new studio is??

  3. i'm so sorry Shelly. :(
    i looked at your proposals here on your blog this morning and thought they were amazing. try not to take it personal, i really don't think it's your work. she turned down what i thought was my best proposal. i just think she has certain things in mind. crazy talented artists got turned down, you included. my heart is breaking for you and them right now. much love and hugs my friend. keep your head up. you ARE TALENTED and going places.

  4. I am so bummed!!! I was hoping to take a least one of your classes at Artfest. I was loving those flowers. Maybe you could make them online classes. I would definitely sign up!

  5. Girl your a rock star in my eyes. Keep on smiling, its all 'a happening on the twisting, amazing art road you are riding on:). Just LOOK at what you have done this last year, its AMAZING!! Love you sweets. Lisa

  6. Yes, you are a rock star and I really love these proposals. And I'm not just sayin'that. For reals. Keep on truckin' sister. You are crazy talented and we are behind you. xo, e

  7. Hats off to YOU for putting yourself out there and trying!!! It's not always easy. And that is a lot of work to put together proposals for classes. And look at ALL the great retreats you did make it into! There is the silver lining. That is 3 successes for one so not expected outcome. I'd say that is doing really GREAT!!! So congrats for all you have acheived so far. Wouldn't you tell anyone that with odds like that they should keep going for it?!?!?!?!? : )