Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starting Again

Well, it's time to move on now, right? I'm ready.

What's up next?
This weekend I'll be teaching 20 lovely people at the Paper Cowgirl retreat. I'm thrilled that they all signed up, so I'd better get my head in the game!

I'm teaching them my art journaling/collage style. The class is just THREE hours, so I hope I can compact it all into that time. At any rate, we're going to have a ton of fun!

I'll be taking two classes too, and I hear these cowgirls are hard to keep up with. Should be a blast!

After that...
When I get back it's time to work on magazine submissions. I've been pokey getting around to that goal.

And then...
I'll be working on kits for Inspire My Life, Art Unraveled, and Art Is...You.

Did ya know?
It's not too late to sign up for my classes at:

Inspire My Life - Manitowoc, WI - July 28-30
I am teaching:
- Love Your Letters - I'll give all my tricks for creating cool lettering on your art pieces
- Don't be Blue Bouquet - A sweet mixed media bouquet of flowers

Art Unraveled - Phoenix, AZ - August 1-9 (I'm teaching on August 2 and 3.)
I am teaching:
- License to Create - A fun mixed media license plate box
- Birdy on a Branch - A fanciful mixed media birdy perched on a branch

Art Is...West Coast - Petaluma, CA - September 22-27 (I'm teaching on Sept 22 and 23.)
I am teaching:
- Mixed Media Playtime - A whimsical framed license plate mixed media scene
- And the ever popular License to Create class. :)

Come and join in the fun!!

P.S. AND... to top it all off.... I've continued my 15% off sale on Etsy. I'll end it after Paper Cowgirl, so you have about one week left to save on fun greeting cards, prints, and paintings! Just enter 15PERCENT at checkout to save 15% on your order!


  1. wow shel...you have a busy schedule! that is so exciting!!

  2. Whew!!! After reading all that you're up to, I think I need a nap!!! Seriously . . . . way to GO, Shelly!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Wow you are busy!! But sounds like soo much fun:O) Enjoy:O)

  4. LOVE this piece!!! and that quote. :)
    you have a lot of very exciting things on your plate girl!

  5. geez...I'm tuckered just reading your upcoming schedule....whew! congrats though on staying so busy with Art- gotta be exciting for you!xo

  6. Thank you, Shelly, for sharing your AMAZING talent! I thoroughly enjoyed your journaling class at Paper Cowgirl!! Would you believe - of all classes I signed up to take - yours was the one I was most apprehensive about because I've never created a collage in my life?! Lo and behold ... yours ended up being the most FUN class of all!! Today, I actually caught myself looking through a junk mail brochure (before tossing it in the trash) on the off chance it might contain a picture or fun letters that I'd want to cut out and preserve for a future project!! ♥ Vicki

  7. From FB, it sounds like you had a fabulous time at Paper Cowgirl. Of course you would and I'm sure everyone enjoyed having YOU there! And, by the way, I just took a trip through your Etsy and would like one of everything! You are so talented, there's no way you could not be as busy as you are. It makes my heart happy to see you enjoy so much success in so many ways! Have a great rest of the week!