Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whiny Doodle

Fair warning: Today's doodle is a wee bit whiny. I moved all my art stuff to our basement so that (in theory) I could continue making art while the remodeling stuff is going on. What happened is that ten zillion other things ended up down there too - and it's all stacked up in piles that cannot be ignored very easily. So, I guess only more doodles until I get some time to clean up down there.


  1. oh i hate when stuff gets int he way of our "stuff"! but i'm loving your doodles!

  2. Hey, we're all entitled to whine very now and then! And nothing is more annoying than 'stuff'! Loving your doodles :-)

  3. I feel like I get the Whiner Award for all of last year and this year isn't lookin' much better! I try so hard and then crap just keeps coming and then I think the harder I try to not whine the more crap I get! Oh well. Things have to turn around eventually. They have to. But I totally relate to not having control of your work space. I've been battling that a long time. We have a beautiful family room converted to an office but it is not mine alone, has no doors, and everyone else leaves stuff in here. I need my own space. So, I'm moving half of my work area to my bedroom very soon so that I have complete control of my surroundings. I totally get your frustration, so I give you permission to whine away. (especially in gorgeous doodles like you have!)

    I read your feature in the link in the post below! Congratulations! You are so on your way to finding your dreams come true! I especially related to your comment about never trying for fear of failure - I am still so stuck there in many respects. So, I am keeping my eye on you - you're an inspiration to me, more than you know! Enjoy your success!