Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So sometimes what motivates me isn't a success, it's a failure.  You see, I made the art journal above and the journal box for a workshop class proposal.  It was my second take on the journal in a box idea (the first one didn't make the art retreat workshop cut either), so I was a bit disheartened when I found out that I wouldn't be teaching this class.  So how does that motivate me?  Well, now I'm determined to use the dickens out of this sweet little journal.  All of the recent doodles I've posted have been in this little journal, and I love it more and more.  I guess this is another one of my "find your happy place" moments... I don't like for a good thing to go sour because of something out of my control, so I try to find a way to make it happy (or at least happier) so I can feel better about it.


  1. I love your journal in a box... very cool.

    I think your positive thinking is fantastic :)


  2. This is so awesome!!! I do love your post...such a positive spin!!

  3. I'm sorry your class proposal wasn't accepted, but I think this is a fabulous idea and something I would take a class for (if I had the money to attend these retreats!).
    Don't give up on the idea. keep tweaking it and letting us enjoy your wonderful doodles!

  4. love your art journal box! it's awesome. i am happy to see that you aren't letting it get you down. staying positive will get you a lot further!

  5. Ah shucks! I'm sorry things didn't go as planned but that just means there's something better waiting for its turn. But, I think it looked like a great class to take! Don't give up on it cuz it might be perfect in another arena!

  6. You know, I was re-watching the OW with J.K. Rowling. Jo was talking about the emphasis being putting on success, when it should be put on failure, because that is where the real success begins. You are trying, you are putting yourself out there. That is more than some people will ever do! You must fail to succeed. You know I'm always rootin for ya!


  7. Shelly-- I just signed up for your workshop at the Art Is...You retreat in Petaluma. So excited!!!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  8. Well I LOVE the Journal in a Box!!!! Love it!!!!:O)