Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ironic... that I was doing this journaling page about getting things done while not getting done the other art (for nature journal art swap) that I need to do. I go where my muse leads me... or some other mumbo-jumbo justification like that. REALLY, I'm going to work on completing my nature journal pages next. REALLY.

Watered down Golden Cobalt Blue + SharpieAcrylic paint (Americana Buttermilk craft paint, Liquitex Brilliant Orange, and some cheapie brand of Cadmium Red Medium Hue)White paint pen of the Elmer's variety, I believe.And the two-page spread - mostly done. I'm sure I'll be back here adding images or other flotsam/doodles at some point.


  1. I just love looking at your work! It's such EYE CANDY!!! I haven;t done any altered art or anything in so long.. and i just LOVE Art journaling... you are helping me get th emojo to get back into it! THANKS!


  2. How wicked cool to see your "art process". I'm always inspired. You make it look so easy...I wish you were next door, so we could sit and play art together! :D