Thursday, February 25, 2010

In My Free Time

In my free time (it makes me kind of laugh to even say that because there is so little of it these days), I've started an art journal.

I've had the books around for a while... yes, bookS! For $10 at the Goodwill store, I found these oversized, heavy weight paper books (3 different ones in that slip into a case) that are actually some kind of not-sold-to-the-public, limited edition Victoria's Secret publication. I saw them being sold on line for up to $595. Yes, five hundred and ninety five dollars. And what am I going to do with MY find? Paint and draw all over it.

Here's pass 2 of my first set of pages. (Next time I'll try to publish the first pass and the original too.) The only part of the original book page that you can really see now is the flower with the "jewels" in it. It was in a model's hair in the original.
And what the work in progress looks like nowSo far, I've tried out some new paint pens, and actually done more than just test my water soluble oil crayons. Pretty fun so far!


  1. I really like it. I need to get in there and do the same...I have stuff stashed to play with and yet as you say "free time". But I really like where you are going here. Looks cool. Yeah a before would be fun to see.

    yapping cat