Friday, March 8, 2013

The Neverending Painting

I think that's a pretty good title.  I kind of like the idea of working on this painting until forever.  Or at least until there's no more room for another single detail.  "More is more" works for me.
And I've started a wedding gift using a theme I've used before -- "Our story is a love story."  I'd better hurry up to get this one done.  The wedding is in a week.  And I need to figure out what color the frame should be.  Maybe black with a little striped accent stripe somewhere?  Hmmm... We'll see.


  1. love that painting!!! and yes more is more...never enough paint!!! xo

  2. what a great painting, both of them, I love that idea for a wedding present

  3. wow that neverending painting is so cool! i love it. That painting you doing for the wedding is going to be great!
    Nice post:)

  4. Love the funkiness of the first one and can't wait to see the second one.


  5. Very cool idea!! I love the colors.

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  6. I went to your Etsy shop but it wasn't open.
    I did go to your fb page and joined it and your twitter.
    Hope to follow your journey.