Sunday, July 29, 2012

I forget.

I forget until I am sewing that I can't sew.  You see, I bought a small 7" Samsung tablet yesterday, and I tried to buy a case for it.  All of the cases at the store were from $23 to $40 which seemed way too expensive for what you were paying for.  So, I decided to sew a little padded case for it. 

All of this was before I remembered that I can't really sew.  I am a sewing hacker.  I don't use patterns.  I don't plan.  And I regret it the whole time.  You see, I sort of know how to sew because my mom taught me a zillion years ago.  I was a very reluctant sewing student.  She had to bribe me to sew a seam. 

With all that said, putting this together was harder than it should have been, but it's done.  It's a little cuter in person and even has a little pocket for the headphones.  It could use a few more details, but that's enough sewing for one day for me.


  1. It's AWESOME!! 8*)

    I am the same way!! My Mum was a seamstress back in the 1950's to late 1970's. I kinda sewed some clothes for my barbies and I did make a dress in HomeEc in 1973ish. But, seriously! I'm trying to make stuff in 2012 and it SHOWS the time gap!! 8*)

    Do you have an INTENSE FEAR of the BOBBIN? I DO!! Someone borrowed the sewing machine and left a bobbin with brown thread...guess what my seams are going to be until I run out?! I'm going to try to remember to put the brown on the INSIDE... yup 8*)

    SO, my are NOT ALONE!! And you did a GREAT job on your tablet cover!! YEA!! 8*)

    1. The bobbin is evil! When mine runs out, usually I don't sew again until I am brave enough to tackle the frustrating job. Oh, and I have to get out the instructions every time too. Hate that thing!

  2. ok i am no sewer, but i am a hacker, and yours does not look hacked, it looks so great, and the material is perfect

  3. It is so adorable Shelly! I think it is best to just jump right in. All that planning is highly overrated!

  4. i love it. personally, i see no hacking! you did a great job!

  5. I really love it. Looks like you sew very well!!!

  6. Absolutely love the colors/composition, and it´s a brilliant idea! I should make one for the iPad that´s lying around here...

  7. Ditto what Janne said - I LOVE it, Shelley! You should learn to sew* then you could make a bunch of these and sell them!

    *If you're just a sewing hacker now you're a mighty good one!!! Looks to me like you CAN sew!