Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Unraveled - Part 2

We had a really fun time in the License to Create class at Art Unraveled! I love how these pieces adapt themselves to the artist making them. I never dreamed that would happen when I formed the class originally. So great to see everyone make the box their own again!Not everyone got to finish in class (some of the ladies had to leave our art haven and go back to the reality of their necessary jobs), but hopefully everyone enjoyed the class and got enough creative energy from class to finish off their pieces.

At Art Unraveled, I had the great pleasure of seeing the talented jewelry artist Diana Frey again which reminded me that I haven't sent you to look at her finished piece from the Artfest license plate box class. It turned out awesome, so go peek! -> LINK

And if you're in the mood for more Art Unraveled photos, check out my other talented art friend Betti Zucker's post about Art Unraveled... so much fun! It was great to see you again, Betti! -> LINK

Linda and Chuck worked hard to create an amazing event. I was sad to leave Art Unraveled so soon, but I was happy to get back to my family after another great art adventure.

Next adventure on our list... Journaling Journey with Paper Cowgirls!


  1. oohhhhh i want this class? can we do a webex? haha luv ya gurlfreend

  2. This looks so much fun! I´m glad your workshop went well, and I am sure the ladies just loved it! They certainly made some great results!