Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More about me?

Ok, ok... so you might be getting tired of the me, me, me stuff going on around here.

(Hey, where's the art, lady?) :)


I was just featured on the Art Is blog in the Artist Spotlight. If you can stand to read just a little bit more about me, here's the link to my interview. LINK

Be sure to click on the Art Is blog heading so you can read about all of the other artists in their spotlights! I find reading the spotlights so fascinating and somehow reassuring. Or, I'm just an artist stalker. You decide.


  1. oh shel...congratulations! that is an awesome interview!

  2. I just posted at the link . . . Shelly, in case you didn't know this . . . YOU'RE GOING TO BE BIG! You are just on the edge of an incredible adventure I think. You're exploding everywhere! CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for the incredibly flattering nod too!