Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I'm Workin' On

Working on journal pages for a steampunk journal swap. These pages are for Sandy's amazing journal that you can see photos of at her blog! Just trying to decide what I want to write on them and add some more details.
These are some tags I included with my journal for the swap participants. I don't think I published this photo before... just found it when I was looking through some files. And THIS is my ridiculously large collection of yellow paint. It actually doesn't look like as much in the photo as it does in person. Who needs this many tubes of yellow paint?!? I'm still working on that owl I posted about a few days ago, and I went digging through my paint for all the yellows. They made up about a fourth of all of my paints! Crazy.


  1. sandy will love her pages for her steampunk journal! they're awesome! isn't it funny the things we tend to collect? but can you have every have too many tubes/bottles of paint?